How to make a tulip LEGO stem
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LEGO stem


Level Beginner
Copyright Hyo Ahn
This page is for those who want the instructions to build an tulip LEGO stem.

This tulip LEGO stem makes use of three kins of regular bricks. We will need 27 bricks for this model.

This is an animated instruction so it would be very easy to follow through. You are not required to have any prior knowledge about building an object with lego bricks.

The instruction is shown below. Just click on "Ascend" button. You will be given a step-by-step guide how to make an object. If you miss a step, then just click on "Descend" button to go back to the previous step.

If the screen is blank, just wait until it shows a message saying "Are you ready to get started?". If you find any bugs on this instruction, please send an email toemail.

If you are ready now, let's have a fun learning to build an tulip LEGO stem.



Model NumberImageQuantityDescription
3005281x1 green brick18

1x1 green brick

41077361x2 green brick8

1x2 green brick

4109679green 1x3 brick1

green 1x3 brick


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